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Poem; The Edge of the Universe

I was seven when my mother asked me what I wanted to be

I told her I wanted to find the end of infinity

I said, “Let me show you the edge of the universe”

She said, “It’s so far, honey, you’ll need a nurse”


Then my father came and told me that it was so impossible

I asked him why, and he answered with something terrible

I said, “Let me go to the edge of the universe”

He said, “No, you can’t, honey, things will get worse”


And I said to them, “Mommy, Daddy, I believe in miracle.

And you believe in me, don’t you? Nothing is incurable.”

Mommy looked at Daddy and her eyes were tearing up

She hugged me and cried, I tried to cheer her up


“Look, Mommy, I am okay” I showed her my most beautiful smile

My father shook his head; I could tell he was going to cry,

“You don’t understand honey. It would be hard for you.”

“How can it be hard? I don’t even feel blue.”


I was thirteen when Mommy and Daddy explained it all to me

I was old enough to understand; something was wrong with me.

I said, “I can’t go to the edge of the universe.”

They said, “Don’t worry, honey, it’s not a curse.”


“How do you tell me not to cry when I see my dreams start to fly?”

Crying, with a broken heart, I couldn’t stop asking them why.

Mommy looked at Daddy and her eyes were tearing up

She hugged me and cried, I could not cheer her up


Four years later I woke up in a hospital with my parents

Told Mommy that I was okay but she told me, “You aren’t.”

And she couldn’t stop telling me how much she loved me,

“Remember that I love you infinitely.”


But the next day I didn’t wake up and my parents were sad

I couldn’t see them cry, it made me feel really really bad

Daddy hugged Mommy and they were crying over me

I felt so weak; I couldn’t stand properly


I have gone to a further place than the edge of the universe

The place is called heaven, and I do not even need a nurse

Are you proud of me, Mommy and Daddy? I’ve made it

I’m happy, my happiness is infinite




2014-07-22 // 00.48 AM


This poem is about a girl with a disease. She had a big dream (which is portrayed as “finding the edge of the universe”) but her parents knew she couldn’t make that dream come true due to her disease. They didn’t want her to try too hard so they told her she could never go to the edge of the universe. At the age of 17, she finally found out that heaven was the edge of the universe.

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5sos on out of my limit

5sos: It used to be called over my limit but we thought that sounded like we had an alcohol problem
Me: You're just a little bit over my limit
Me: Its been 6 shots now haven't even even seen the best of me
Me: In my mind now I'm praying I don't get a DUI
Me: I'm almost over
Me: No longer sober


Almost 2 years later and it still sounds like “you’re just a little bit out of my lemon”


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